A Day at the Office

Today started as usual with my getting up at six, making my breakfast, feeding the dogs, and getting to work by 8 a.m. As I get to know the Bonarian workers during devotions, I’ve begun to realize that some of these guys really love the Lord.

During the morning I set up my computer with some of the software I’ll need. I also had the chance to discuss my vision for eventually including a listen-live button on our twrbonaire.com site. I was able to tweak Brad Swanson’s imagination with the suggestions from our engineer. Bear in mind that this is only an idea at this stage, and we are unsure if we’ll ever be able to make it a reality. He asked me to write up our discussion in a discussion paper that could be given to Joe Barker, the director, who is on furlough, once we had agreed on the concept. I was able to introduce the staff to Google Drive, and shared our discussion paper online with all of the staff. This is the first time some of them have used this collaboration tool from Google, and so far they quite like it.

Overall I was very impressed with how open-minded the TWR staff are to new ideas. When I pitched the idea to Benjamin on our Skype call, he basically said that I was preaching to the choir. However, implementation is very complex. Please pray for us as we work through what will be required to be able to deliver streaming audio of our Spanish broadcast to the entire globe. A concept is a fragile thing.

At about 10:30 we hooked up with Benjamin Tangeman from the Cary, North Carolina, office of TWR. He is a former MK (Missionaries’ Kid), just like myself. He works in the Cary IT department, and was very knowledgeable and helpful. I actually did most of the call with Brandon’s wife, Laura, who does marketing here, as well as many other jobs when she’s not caring for their son. I was impressed with Laura’s knowledge and experience.

Basically, what we have been given is a web template designed by the Agroup. It has been paid for by a gracious donor. We found it to be very robust, and could accomplish almost everything we need. While there is still a bug with the online shopping cart, everything else seems to be in place. We have a steep learning curve ahead of us over the next couple of days, but it is doable.

When we hung up two hours later, Laura and I were very excited about the possibilities of this new web design tool. It is proprietary software, however, but there seems to be a decent support system.

We have set up a brainstorming session for 11 o’clock tomorrow where we can set out the various tasks that need to be accomplished during my time here. So far we’ve established that the creation of this website is a top priority. That still leaves numerous marketing and communications projects that I can work on once the website project is complete. I must say, I’m very excited about the work that I’ve been given here.

On my lunch hour, I walked across the street to a new shopping plaza, and had lunch at Ellis Café. They were advertising traditional goat stew, but they had run out just before I arrived, and I ended up having a hamburger. A little lizard got a bit of my salad in return for letting me photograph it. I still haven’t figured out how to get the photos out of my cell phone.

After lunch, I took a drive down by the water plant, and took a few shots of mom and dad’s old house. They have kept it up very well. It is too bad that Trans World Radio no longer owns it. More or less across the street is the Britton’s former house. I took a few shots of that as well of the water plant and Capt. Don’s Habitat (a dive shop). Then I went back a bit early, and uploaded my photo albums. They are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/sirjohnamcdonald

I kept busy typing notes and installing software the entire afternoon, and left around 5:30. I decided not to attempt to go scuba diving today, but to get some chores done. The first stop was the warehouse supermarket, which is about four blocks from where I’m living. It is not a bad supermarket, and I got most of what I needed. I also checked out the huge Dutch supermarket about three blocks further up the road. I think that’s where I’ll begin next time.

The existence of such a new and very modern supermarket illustrates just how developed Bonaire is becoming. I spoke with my sister, Joanna, over Skype tonight, and was describing how impressed I was with all the new development.

Overall, it seems that this is a very positive development for the island. Bonaire changed the Island’s currency from the Antillian Guilder to the American Dollar back in 2011.
Signing off until tomorrow.

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