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When people ask me to describe myself, I just say that I’m a very helpful bus driver. Several years ago I learned at a singles retreat that my spiritual gift is the gift of Helps. The Lord has made me in such a way that I feel the most satisfaction when I’m helping others.

As I write this I’m at 36000 feet on my way to Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, to help Trans World Radio get their website online. The day I complete my mission I’ll turn 50 years old. I’ve always said that life begins at 50.

The way I figure it is that by the time you turn 50, you should have most things figured out. I’ve figured out that life isn’t about me. It is about giving in every way, and not worrying about ever getting paid back. It is not my job to worry about compensation. I leave that up to my Savior. As of right now, I’d have to say that His compensation is pretty good.

As for my interests, I find I’m interested in almost everything. First, I love people. I love getting to know complete strangers and trying to draw them out. There is just such an infinite variety in people. It is like a treasure hunt. You just never know what gems of wisdom they may be able to share with you.

I’m also a bit of a gadget geek. Technology fascinates me, particularly mobile technology. Right now I’m typing on my bluetooth keyboard on my brand new iPad. In my pocket is the latest cell phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, an Android phone. The blog you are reading this on uses WordPress as the web authoring tool, which only requires a browser to use. I believe that only technology that is there when you need it is useful.

I love being constantly wired. But only technology that allows for interactivity fascinates me. I don’t like being spoon fed with entertainment all the time. In fact, I threw out my TV seven years ago and have never looked back. The fact that our family never had a TV while I was growing up has allowed me to have a very active imagination and a bit of a creative streak. Kids these days are growing up without developing their critical thinking skills. I think TV is one of the reasons for society’s growing lack of original thought.

Bringing people together by facilitating and enabling better communications is another of my drives. If people can just open up and network with each other, it is amazing what can be accomplished. The trend these days is towards more independance from everyone around you. While I admire self sufficient people, this can get in the way of sharing ideas about how to improve the environments we live in.

The condo I serve on the board with is just beginning this journey to better community. When I ran for the board last year, after having just moved in, I promised them a website and a drive to building a sense of community. Now, we have a website at www.150queen.com that is run by all five members of the board. Last month we just introduced a new concept called Face Time With Your Board. We simply begin each month’s board meetings an hour early and invite all the owners to attend and share their ideas and concerns. Last week we hit the gold mine when someone suggested we begin a seniors helping seniors type of program in our building. And more and more people are joining the new Community Directory. Our condo manager thinks we are nuts, but community is beginning to take shape within the often isolating walls of our high-rise condo.

One of the most valuable life lessons that I’ve only now begun to learn, is that joy and peace comes through submission. There was a time in my life, when I got into a bad marriage, that I thought God was trying to cheat me out of really having a good time. Even though I was a Christian, I married a non-christian. God rescued me from that trap when my wife walked out on me. But it wasn’t until two years later when I finally returned to my Christian faith that I began to slowly begin to submit to God’s will for my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only just begun this process of just doing what God clearly tells me in His Word to do. But the more I get with His program, the more joy and peace I am experiencing. Now if only my daughter would discover the same truth.

Audio learning, usually through audio books or online sermons, is how I learn best. So why does book learning seem so much like work to me? One of the reasons is so that I would be drawn to the radio ministry, as I now am with Trans World Radio. When I’m at home, I seem to always have the radio on. It is the spoken word that holds my interest rather than music. In fact, I think I’ve become a sermon-o-holic. Another result is that back in 2005 I was able to digitize the entire five-year Bible teaching ministry of Dr. J Vernon McGee with Thru The Bible Radio Network. This led that ministry to release their entire ministry free of charge to the whole world. When we first launched, www.ttb.org was one of the highest volume Christian download sites in the world.

Writing is another passion (which is good, or you wouldn’t be reading this….). Getting my thoughts onto paper allows me to process. Getting others to think is even better. During my seven years as Co-Editor of our Union newsletter, The Informer, I was able to sharpen my writing skills. Hopefully I can now use this skill for the Lord instead of the labour movement.

But enough about me. I’d rather hear about you. Please use the Comment area below to share some tidbits about yourself. Perhaps we have something in common.

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