Here you will find the websites that I personally recommend. This is not a complete list of great sites, but only those that I’ve personally checked out. Did I miss one? Let me know on the contact page. – This is the site that I am currently building for Trans World Radio Bonaire.  We go live on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. – This is the global website for Trans World Radio. This site is run from the Cary office. – TWR Canada, my sending agency, located in London Ontario. – LinguaDMS is a cutting-edge tool for managing, archiving, repurposing and distributing digital files, such as videos, audio files, images or text documents. This “digital media source” can serve content to websites, mobile applications, Internet radio and terrestrial broadcast outlets. Powered by TWR. – Brad Swanson, currently the longest serving missionary still serving with TWR Bonaire, runs a blog about his activities on Bonaire.

The Island of Bonaire Links: – The most used website for information about Bonaire.

Dive Friends Bonaire – The most eco-friendly dive shop on Bonaire, with five locations.

Bonaire Panorama – 360′ photos of Bonaire.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire –  Protecting the endangered Sea Turtles

BonPhoto – Bon Photo is a full service video, stills & adventure company

Mangrove Info Centre – Kayak & boat excursions in the mangrove swamps of Lac Bay on Bonaire. We did the tour and absolutely loved it.

Personal Links:

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