My Mission

Trans World Radio Bonaire has asked me to design several websites for them using what they call a white label site. This is an online application that has been donated to Trans World Radio. It is an online template for a website design, similar to WordPress. They want me to fill in their content once I arrive on Bonaire.

Once the website has been launched, the next step is to educate the staff on Bonaire how to keep it up to date. For me this will be the most vital link in the process. I have found that many websites become stagnant due to the fact that no one knows how to keep them up-to-date.

After launching the English website for this Trans World Radio Bonaire, there is interest in creating a spanish version of the same website. Since my spanish is very rusty, I’m not sure how that will go.

They would also like a 50th anniversary website created for their 2014 50th anniversary.

Finally, they would like promotional materials and videos put together for visiting tourists  that often arrived on cruise ships.

I would appreciate your prayers to enable me to successfully complete the work they have laid out for me. As with most computer projects, everything is new, so you first have to learn it, and then execute it. In this case I have not yet been briefed on the details of what they expect from me. I will have to learn it once I arrive. Please pray for the ability to pick up the skills needed quickly.

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  1. You were chosen to do this for a reason. Do you think God would put you in position where you lack the skills for the job? We are never given more than we can handle. Take care John.

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